7 Cannabis-Related Things to Do Before You Die

1. Go to Amsterdam

A staple of almost everyone’s bucket list, high or not, you already know Amsterdam was going to be on this list of things to do before you die.

Aside from the cannabis-friendly nature of the region, Amsterdam is an incredible place for so many reasons.

The landscape is straight out of a fantasy storybook, the people are friendly and welcoming, and of course, the cannabis consumption lounges, or “coffee shops”, are amazing.

Enjoying cannabis in a legal consumption club is something everyone should try once in their lives.

Imagine a bar atmosphere, but not as dirty or loud.

Amsterdam’s coffee shops are an amazingly unique experience that everyone who loves cannabis, or even just wants to check out the culture, should try.

things to do before you die - CC101 - CC101 blogs
things to do before you die - CC101 - CC101 blogs

2. Smoke at 4:20am and 4:20pm on 4/20

You can sleep when you’re dead!

Go all out one year for 4/20 (April 20th), and smoke your favorite strain at both 4:20am and 4:20pm to feel like the real deal.

You can also do this on 710 (July 10th), the holiday for cannabis concentrates, and take a dab, a hit from a vape pen, or eat an edible at 7:10am and 7:10pm. It’s coming up!

Both holidays are so fun to celebrate, so why not embrace it in the morning and at night?

If you’re able-bodied, you may want to hike somewhere at 4:20 so you can watch the sunrise.

Watching a sunrise while high really should be another point on this list, but for the sake of your time, I’ll consolidate it into this one.

But really, watch the sunrise!

3. Cook your favorite meal, but with cannabis-infused ingredients

Or get someone to cook it for you.

We all have that one dish that we could probably eat forever, if it weren’t for all of those calories, sugars, gluten, bad stuff, etc…

But next time you have your favorite meal, infuse it with cannabis concentrates for the ultimate edible experience!

There’s nothing better than enjoying your favorite food while you get high.

In fact, one blog even went over, in detail, their perfect cannabis-infused three-course meal for before they die.

And now, there are cannabis chefs changing the culinary game with one cannabis-infused dish after another.

We’re looking forward to seeing what the future will hold for cannabis foodies.

Michelin star cannabis-infused restaurants perhaps?

things to do before you die - CC101 - CC101 blogs
things to do before you die - CC101 - CC101 blogs

4. Get into a sensory deprivation tank while high

Even though this experience has mixed reviews, getting into a sensory deprivation tank while high seems like an unforgettable experience.

With nothing but your own thoughts and your own consciousness, you’re able to achieve a meditative state.

In a series of studies lead by Justin Feinstein, a neuropsychologist, they found that the area of the brain responsible for regulating the body’s “fight or flight” response essentially shuts down after floating.

This is the same effect you’d expect from taking an anti-anxiety drug.

Some people claim to experience heavily spiritual experiences. Others may get a little freaked out.

Whatever your experience is, it would make for a great story and are a popular addition to many peoples’ lists of things to do before you die.

5. Go to a comedy show while high

Have you ever been so high that you can’t stop laughing? And it was probably at a place where you shouldn’t be laughing?

Well, at a comedy club, not only is laughing allowed, but it’s encouraged!

Live comedy will tickle your funny bone, and the cannabis in your system will make it even funnier!

Certain strains are known to produce an extra laugh or two, so be sure to come in and chat with one of our budtenders here at CC101 to find out which ones we have in stock.

You won’t be disappointed! And even if you are, at least you’ll be able to laugh at it.

things to do before you die - CC101 - CC101 blogs
things to do before you die - CC101 - CC101 blogs

6. Go snorkeling while high

There’s something so special and soothing about being underwater while high.

Especially during summertime, being submerged in water is so peaceful and serene.

Snorkeling is just taking that experience to another level.

Going out to the ocean or to a river or lake on a calm day and enjoying everything our natural world has to offer has immense mental and physical health benefits, much like cannabis itself.

Remember to stay hydrated and to be respectful of the fish or other wildlife you encounter on your high snorkeling adventure!

And bring a sober buddy to make sure you’ll be safe.

7. Stay at a cannabis-friendly bed-n-breakfast

Cannabis bed and breakfasts are gaining popularity throughout the state and for a good reason.

Where else can you take a vacation and feel safe about getting high in your hotel room?

Sometimes the ads will be more subtle with a simple “420-friendly” in the description, and other times, certain rooms will go out of their way to advertise that they encourage cannabis products on the premises.

Knowing that you’ll be safe to consume whenever you want while on the premises takes off a whole lot of stress and paranoia that you may encounter otherwise.

Fully enjoy your vacation!

things to do before you die - CC101 - CC101 blogs

What else is on your cannabis-infused bucket list? Give us some more ideas in the comments section below about awesome cannabis-related things to do before you die.