The future is in social cannabis consumption clubs —  or “coffee shops” — and Denver just opened the first café in the nation.

Cleverly named “The Coffee Joint”, Denver received city approval for the nation’s first business license allowing patrons to use cannabis at the site.

With a BYOB (bring your own bud) philosophy, customers 21+ can vape, dab, and enjoy edibles in the café. However, due to the state’s laws that don’t allow smoking indoors, there is no smoking allowed. The café also doesn’t sell any cannabis products on-site.

But hey, that’s still a step in the right direction if I’ve ever seen one!

The interior looks something like a bohemian chic coffee shop, with an upscale, classy, welcoming vibe.

They offer all of the necessary tools: papers, pipes, vaporizers, munchies, and even CBD products.

Even if the people of Denver forget their cannabis at home, the café is located right next to 1136 Yuma Dispensary.

While still brand new, the café already has overwhelmingly positive Yelp reviews.

And this is just the beginning.

The Creswell Mansion, a historic mansion near Colorado’s state Capitol, may be the home of the nation’s first (drum roll, please) legal cannabis spa.

The CEO, Cindy Sovine, speculates that Utopia All Natural Wellness Spa and Lounge will feature two cannabis consumption areas. The first area, the indoor area, will be for edible and vape consumption. The outdoor area (of course, closed off from public view), will be where adults are encouraged to smoke cannabis flower.

“Utopia will offer a unique experience that cannot be found anyplace else in the country. Our mission is to provide a place of retreat for cannabis consumers and access to high-quality products and services for those who wish to explore natural options for self-care,” says Sovine.

The spa may also include cannabis-infused massage and ganja yoga. Sign me up!


If you were to open a social cannabis consumption club in Sacramento, what kind of services would you offer? We think a 420-friendly arcade in Midtown would be awesome. Let us know your thoughts below in the comments section.