Your 8 Summer Goals for the Best Summer Ever

1. Get outside at least once a week.

As the weather heats up, beaches and parks will be calling your name. Even if you work indoors, you gotta make a point to get outside at least once a week! It’s even legal to light up on certain California state parks and beaches, so don’t forget to pack up your favorite cannabis products on your next summer outing.

Even if you’re not a big fan of being out in the sun, warm summer nights are almost even better. We’re open until 9pm most nights (8pm on Sundays), so we’ll be available to provide the dankness both day and night this summer. Whether you’re just looking for a leisurely evening stroll around your neighborhood, or going out for a night on the town, we’ve got you covered for all of your cannabis needs.

summer - CC101 - CC101 blogs
summer - CC101 - CC101 blogs

2. Eat well.

If you want to maintain your summer body all while having enough energy to withstand the heat and fun outdoor activities, you have to nourish yourself the right way. Stick to lighter foods that are full of fuel and not too heavy. A study has even proven that cannabis may be your new weight-loss secret.

If you want to get high while you get your grub on, come on in to check out our awesome selection of edibles! We have cannabis-infused gummies, cookies, chocolate and much more to satisfy your hunger.

3. Don’t run out of cannabis.

Nothing is worse than running out of your favorite cannabis products right before a summer vacation or day trip. Lucky for you, we can supply you all summer long so that you can avoid dankruptcy! Feel free to check out our updated menu on Weedmaps, and if you like what you see, show us some love in the Reviews section.

We can show you to our most potent products so that they’ll last longer in your own personal collection. Get the most bang for your buck by looking into the higher quality products for better longevity.

summer - CC101 - CC101 blogs
summer - CC101 - CC101 blogs

4. Drink more water.

Especially while you’re outside in the sun, you need to be drinking enough water to compensate for your body losing water in the heat. Not to mention, if you’re smoking, you’ll need something around to help to stave off cotton mouth.

On average, men should be drinking around 13 cups of water per day, while women should be drinking around 9 cups a day. Not getting enough water can affect both your physical and mental wellbeing. Stay happy and healthy this summer by staying hydrated! BTW, National Hydration day is on June 23rd!

5. Try a new method of getting high.

Smoke it, eat it, vape it, dab it, infuse it…There are so many methods to consume cannabis! How many have you tried? This summer, it may be time to branch out and try something new especially with 7/10 right around the corner! 7/10, July 10th, is a cannabis holiday all about cannabis concentrates.

Throwing a 7/10 party? We’ll take an invite!

summer - CC101 - CC101 blogs
summer - CC101 - CC101 blogs

6. Do a DIY project.

Summer is the perfect time for crafting! Break out the glue gun and the glitter and get to work on that fun project you’ve been putting off. Some people in Sacramento even made their own DIY smoking tools.

Whether you’re crafting a one-of-a-kind pair of sunglasses for an upcoming music festival or maybe you’re building your own game of washers for the beach, DIY projects are a fun way to get creative and save money.

7. Try cannabis-infused lemonade.

Nothing goes well with summer better than lemonade. Refreshing, cold, and thirst-quenching, this will probably be your go-to drink this summer. Have you ever tried cannabis-infused lemonade, though? Everything you love about lemonade AND cannabis all rolled up in one delicious and potent bottle!

We carry multiple brands of refreshing cannabis-infused lemonade, so stop by today to taste the awesomeness.

summer - CC101 - CC101 blogs
summer - CC101 - CC101 blogs

8. Get in a hammock.

What’s not to love about a hammock?  Imagine… just you on a hammock on the beach with a joint in your hand. Now that’s summer goals. Nothing says kicking back and relaxing quite like a hammock does. We think a great goal to have is to try to get into a hammock at least once this summer.

Trust us, you won’t regret it.

We want you to have the best summer ever! What are you most excited for this summer? Let us know in the comments selection below, and don’t forget to stock up for your summer fun here at CC101!