4 Underrated Stoner Holiday Destinations in California

We’re deep into the holiday season.

Even though you’re probably super excited to see your extended family members and have awkward conversations about the weather while trying your best (and hopefully succeeding) to avoid the topic of politics, maybe you’ve considered getting away for a little while to enjoy the holidays in a new setting.

If you want to get your smoke on and enjoy a festive holiday season in California, these are some of the best and underrated stoner holiday destinations that California has to offer.

1. Sacramento

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The first destination on our list is, of course, our hometown, Sacramento. Sacramento is one of the most cannabis-friendly cities in the state, with more than 15 top-rated dispensaries in just the heart of Sacramento.

We were the first city to open dispensary doors to not just medical patients, but recreational customers.

And, *hint hint* the holiday deal at our dispensary, CC101, is unreal (seriously, you won’t want to miss out on this one. It ends December 25th!).

2. Emerald Triangle

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If you love a gloomy and rainy holiday season in a peaceful and well-renowned hub for cannabis, the Emerald Triangle is the place to be.

Specifically, Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity counties make up the scenic and 420-friendly region of the pacific northwest that has offers unforgettable experiences and some of the highest quality, and most affordable, cannabis in the state.

3. The Coachella Valley

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It may look like a desolate desert in some areas, but the 420-friendly resorts and hotels, top-tier dispensaries, and enormous grow sites make this a must-see for cannabis connoisseurs anywhere.

If you want to enjoy temperate weather, clothing-optional resorts, and the possibility for high-end cannabis-themed events near the beautiful and scenic Joshua Tree, you’ve got to make this one of your staple stoner holiday destinations in California.

4. San Diego

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For beach-lovers, San Diego is arguably home to one of the most beautiful spots in California. And if you love cannabis as much as we do, you’ll be thrilled to hear about what San Diego is bringing to the table when it comes to weed.

West Coast Cannabis Tours provides a party bus that you can smoke on legally, which will then take you on an equivalent of a pub crawl. Except instead of bars, you hit a California cannabis dispensary, a glass blowing demo, and an edible cooking class.

All of this in picturesque and charming San Diego? Sign me up!

Where are you spending the holidays this year? Think it’ll be a 420-friendly trip? Or will you be sneaking vape pen hits in your great aunt’s guest bathroom?

Let us know in the comments section below!