The Social Strain: 10 Cannabis Strains for the Ultimate Weekend Turn Up

1. Super Sour Diesel

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Super Sour Diesel is a great sativa social strain that also inspires creativity and unbounded euphoria!

But novices proceed with caution because this strain is strong.

For seasoned users, get ready for a sociable, fun, and silly night of chillness, debauchery, or whatever it is you’re into on the weekend.

We don’t judge!

2. Amnesia Haze

social strain - CC101 - CC101 blogs - amnesia haze

Wait… what were we talking about?

Just kidding! Contrary to its name, this social strain is great for clear-headed daytime use. But it’s also perfect for staying sharp, yet still relaxed, at a party.

If you want to keep up that witty banter but also stay chilled out and have a great time, Amnesia Haze might just be your go-to this weekend!

3. Maui Wowie

social strain - CC101 - CC101 blogs - maui wowie

Flavor: Maui. Effect: Wowie.

Perfect for any daytime event, this social strain brings the motivation, creativity, and chillness of Hawaii to you.

It also provides a uniquely invigorating but relaxing body high that’ll have you feeling great.

Maui Wowie is a great combination of happy, uplifted, euphoric, and energetic effects.

Keep the party going with this incredible strain!

social strain - CC101 - CC101 blogs - sour power

This social strain makes for a very mellow, yet still very sociable and talkative strain.

This is a great strain to get the night going, while you transition from daytime to night.

Many people also love this strain because of its amazing medicinal properties.

So if you’re someone who suffers from a medical issue but still wants to party, this is your strain!

5. Mimosa

social strain - CC101 - CC101 blogs - mimosa

Much like the drink, this social strain provides a great daytime buzz.

Upbeat, energetic, and euphoric, Mimosa is a must-have for any social event.

Especially during a cozy but social brunch, but instead of drinking a Mimosa, enjoy the strain Mimosa and you won’t have to deal with that awkward mid-day hangover.


6. Blue Haze

social strain - CC101 - CC101 blogs - blue haze

This hybrid social strain delivers an awesome balance of body and cerebral effects to make your party even better.

Chill out and hang out with a strain that’ll give you an invigorating boost of creativity that’ll inspire your sociable side and make you the most creative and interesting person at the party.

But don’t smoke too much, because if you overindulge, you can find yourself in a nearly psychedelic state that may not be too party friendly.

But hey, we don’t know what kind of parties you’re having. It might be just what you want.

7. White Fire OG

social strain - CC101 - CC101 blogs - white fire og

White Fire OG, or Wifi OG, is a great social strain for alleviating any lethargy or fatigue while getting you in the mood for a night of fun!

It’s strong and mighty with a THC content of approximately 28%, so new users, proceed with caution!

This strain also has a distinctively sweet and earthy flavor that people are DANKful to experience.

8. Blue Widow

social strain - CC101 - CC101 blogs - blue widow

Uplifting and calm, Blue Widow is the perfect social strain for when you want to be cool, calm, and collected at an event.

Even though it’s slightly indica-dominant, there’s still enough of the sativa effects to keep you social and talkative, but the indica effects come in to relax your body and mind and keep you feeling peaceful and calm.

Too much of this strain will put you right to sleep, but just enough of it will put you on cloud nine.

9. Jack Herer

social strain - CC101 - CC101 blogs - jack herer

The perfect beginner social strain, Jack Herer, is a total crowd-pleaser.

Novices and seasoned stoners alike can appreciate a strain like Jack Herer because it’s not overpoweringly strong, but it’s still a very high-quality strain with a clear-headed and uplifting headspace.

It’s named after the famed cannabis advocate who probably would’ve really enjoyed this amazing strain.

10. Strawberry Cough

social strain - CC101 - CC101 blogs - strawberry cough

Social anxiety be gone!

Strawberry Cough is an incredible social strain because it’s the most famous strain for alleviating anxiety, and especially social anxiety.

This strain is great for even the most cringe-worthy social situations because instead of getting bogged down by stress and anxiety, you can just smile through it.

Your positivity will be inspiring to anyone around you.

Do these strains have you excited for the weekend? Us too! Come by our dispensary, CC101, where you can find all of these strains right now! But hurry! These awesome social strains are flying off the shelves. Word’s gotten out about these strains and how they’ll transform any party…

What’s your favorite strain to bring to a party? Let us know in the comments section below!