Winter Smoking Playlist for Oddly Specific Situations (With Strain Pairings!)

Brought to you by Sacramento cannabis dispensary CC101

The music you enjoy while you get high can level up any smoking experience so much more.

That’s why we wanted to share some of our favorite songs for the season with you for the most epic smoking playlist for this winter.

And not only do we have some killer music recommendations, but we have the perfect strain pairings to go with each song.

So kick back, relax, and enjoy these chill tunes in our winter smoking playlist.

Self by Noname
Chill hop

When to listen: When your DD is driving you down a peaceful, scenic road to Taco Bell on a clear but cold night at midnight after you smoked a giant pre-roll.

Strain to pair with: Granddaddy Purple


Jungle by Tash Sultana
Alternative reggae

When to listen: Getting together for an epic smoke sesh with a few of your closest friends on a Saturday afternoon.

Strain to pair with: Silver Haze

Retrograde by James Blake
Downtempo soul

When to listen: When you’re smoking away a nasty hangover the morning after a long night out.

Strain to pair with: Sour OG

Breathe You In by Ficci ft. Laura Hahn
Chill electronic

When to listen: When you’re getting high but you’re feeling low and are taking the time to practice self-care.

Strain to pair with: OG Kush

Sound & Color by Alabama Shakes
Soulful indie rock

When to listen: Chill Sunday morning wake-n-bake in your most comfortable sweatpants while you smoke before breakfast.

Strain to pair with: Sour Diesel

Different Now by Chastity Belt
Pop grunge

When to listen: Smoking with friends on a foggy beach after a road trip to the bay.

Strain to pair with: Strawberry Cough

Una Mattina (Mark Neo Remix) by Ludovico Einaudi
Deep classical house

When to listen: When you feel like getting high and doing some light stretches or practicing yoga.

Strain to pair with: Green Crack

Let It Happen by Tame Impala
Psychedelic rock

When to listen: When you went to the craft store, bought all of your crafty things, and are ready to embody the true artist you’ve always felt you were inside by getting high and embarking on a DIY project.

Strain to pair with: J1

Suspirium by Thom Yorke
Alternative classical

When to listen: Getting cozy and watching the rain fall outside your window while you enjoy an introspective bowl to yourself.

Strain to pair with: Blue Dream

Tadow by Fjk & Masego
Chill jazzy funk

When to listen: When you’re getting high and cleaning and preparing the house for your lover to come and stay the night.

Strain to pair with: Jillybean

Space Song by Beach House
Indie dream pop

When to listen: Staying up late and getting high with a lover having deep conversations and getting to know each other’s minds.

Strain to pair with: Chemdawg

Planet Shrooms by Woodie Smalls
Wavy rap

When to listen: Going on a trip into nature with some friends for a weekend and smoking in new scenery.

Strain to pair with: Girl Scout Cookies

Over You (Pure Version) by Frida Sundemo
Stripped classical pop

When to listen: When you’re letting go of that special someone and comforting yourself over a bowl.

Strain to pair with: Pineapple Express

Call me by 90sFlav
Lo-fi hip hop

When to listen: High af, tucked into a warm bed and thinking good thoughts while you drift to sleep.

Strain to pair with: Purple Kush

Lips by Marian
Minimalist dance

When to listen: When your crush finally texts back and you’re getting high to celebrate because you’re feeling yourself.

Strain to pair with: GG#4

Peace of Mind by Diggin’ Dirt
Reggae funk

When to listen: Getting high, getting meditative, and finally relaxing and taking an extra long shower after an extra long week.

Strain to pair with: Northern Lights

Locket by Crumb
Chill hop

When to listen: When you just want to kick back, relax, and enjoy some trippy moments (seriously, check out this music video if you want trippy sh*t).

Strain to pair with: Maui Wowie

High as Fuck by Jon Lajoie
Acoustic singer-songwriter

When to listen: When you’re in the bathroom mirror talking to yourself and your dog’s looking at you like you need help.

Strain to pair with: Super Lemon Haze

Been in any of these situations before? Let us know in the comments section below which of these songs or strains in this smoking playlist were your favorite.

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Disclaimer: We do not claim to own the rights to any of the songs listed above in our smoking playlist. We are simply a Sacramento cannabis dispensary. Support these artists and bands by going directly to their websites and social media pages to find out more about them.