5 Things Your Smoking Equipment Wishes It Could Tell You

If you’ve ever been high enough that your smoking equipment was talking to you, your shit was probably laced.

But for everyone else smoking 100% high-quality cannabis, we’re here to tell you what your smoking equipment would tell you, if it could.

1. Your bong says: “Wash me!”

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When was the last time you cleaned your poor bong?

We hate to break it to you, but what used to be a beautiful glass work of art is now a yellowed, resin-stained, bacteria-infested bong.

No matter how big or intimidating your bong is, it’s never too complicated to clean. Your bong would thank you. If It could.

To clean it properly, all you need is rubbing alcohol, coarse grain salt (kosher or epsom works best), and careful hands.

Cleaning your bong is an essential part of bong ownership, and if you’re not ready for the responsibility, you’re probably not ready to own a bong.

We say, start with a little bubbler and make your way up to the big leagues eventually.

2. Your lighter says: “Don’t lose me!”

CC101 - CC101 blog - smoking equipment

How many lighters do you think you’ve lost in your life so far?

Studies show that stoners lose approximately 178 lighters in the span of their lifetime. And even though I just made that statistic up, it’s no lie that you deserve to know exactly where your lighter is whenever you need it.

We recommend spending some quality time with your lighter, design and decorate it so that you’ll be proud of using it, and only bring out that lucky lighter when you’re around people that you trust. Your lighter would thank you. If it could.

3. Your papers say: “Rub honey on me!”

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Your rolling papers would probably be a little forward with their desires, as they would probably ask that you rub honey on them.

But when your papers speak, you’ll probably want to listen!

After rolling a joint, take a drop of honey and rub it along the entire length of your joint so that the full joint is covered, but not heavily coated. Just a thin layer.

That way, it’ll burn slower, more evenly, and taste way better.

You can do the same thing with pre-rolls too, if rolling your own isn’t your forte.

Make that sticky icky even more sticky with some delicious honey for a better smoking experience. Your papers would thank you. If they could.

4. Your vape pen says: “Charge me!”

CC101 - CC101 blog - smoking equipment

Imagine working out all day in the sun, running errands, and taking care of business all day long and then being forced to go out and party without recharging beforehand? That’s exactly how your vape pen would feel if you try to take it out without charging it first.

There’s nothing worse than showing up at an event and realizing your vape pen is all out of battery.

So prep in advance by plugging your vape pen in and charging it while you’re getting ready to go out.

Your past self will thank your future self when you have plenty of oil to vape at that concert, party, or event.

And most of all, your vape pen would thank you. If it could.

5. Your grinder says: “Take my kief!”

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Your grinder is more multi-functional than you thought.

Not only is it always there for you, like a good buddy, to grind up your bud for an evenly packed bowl or joint. But it’s also a kief magnet.

Kief, or the trichomes of your cannabis, is the most potent part of the cannabis plant. Those little crystalline flakes that fall off of your cannabis are the most THC-rich, and your grinder is storing all of them for you!

A lot of grinders have a kief catcher at the bottom of the apparatus, but other grinders keep the kief in the nooks and crannies of the grinder itself.

Don’t just throw that dust away! Collect it and add it to your next bowl, and your grinder will be sparkling clean. Your grinder would thank you. If it could.

Your smoking equipment has spoken. What do you think your bong, grinder, or lighter would say to you right now if it could speak? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Happy toking, friends!