4 Impressive Smoke Tricks for Beginners

Smoke tricks are not only a cool way to impress your new 420 friends, but it’s also just something fun to practice on your own.

So roll up a joint, or pack that bowl, and let’s get started.

Here are 4 impressive smoke tricks for beginners to try.

1. O’s

Blowing O’s (or smoke rings) is one of the oldest smoke tricks in the book.

But still, someone who can blow a good O is always impressive.

And luckily, they’re not super hard to learn how to do.

Take a nice big hit, but instead of pulling it all the way down into your lungs, hold it in your mouth.

Then you’re going to put your mouth into the shape of an O, and let out little bursts of smoke.

It might take a little bit of practice, but you’ll get it down in no time.

2. French Inhale

The French Inhale (or Irish Waterfall) is a very classy looking smoke trick that involves smoke leaving your mouth and entering your nose… at the same time.

Doing this will make you look (and feel) like a pro, and it isn’t super hard to figure out how to do.

Much like learning to blow O’s, take a big hit but don’t pull it all the way down to your lungs. Keep the smoke in your mouth.

Then you’re going to open your mouth and let the smoke leave naturally. This means that you’re not actually exhaling.

Then, without exhaling, push the smoke out of your mouth by slowly moving your tongue from the back of your mouth to the front. At the same time, try to breathe through your nose.

This one is a little tough to wrap your head around at first, but it’s worth it once you get it down!

3. Smoke Bubble

This is probably the easiest of the smoke tricks to try, and all you need is a means of smoking, and a good ole’ fashioned bottle of bubbles.

Much like the rest of the tricks, instead of pulling your hit all the way down to your lungs, hold the smoke in your mouth.

Then, get your bubble wand ready. Slowly exhale the smoke into your bubble so that when you’re done, you get a mystical looking opaque bubble.

It’s even more fun when you decide to pop it.

4. Shotgun

So this isn’t necessarily a trick, but it is a good tip if you’re smoking with a potential lover for the first time.

A shotgun is essentially when you take a hit and blow smoke into your partner’s mouth.

This can be a great way to initiate a sultry first kiss.

Just make sure that your partner consents before you blow the smoke into their mouth. Otherwise, it can be pretty awkward.

How many of these smoke tricks can you do? Let us know in the comments section below!

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