Sacramento Dispensary Jobs: 6 Skills You Need to be a Great Budtender

So you want to be a budtender.

Great news!

Sacramento dispensary jobs have plenty of opportunities to further your career after getting in on the ground floor of the ever-growing cannabis industry.

And what’s even better is that if you want to work with a Powered by Kolas dispensary, you’ll get access to exclusive Budtender Training courses at the Sacramento Cannabis Industry Association‘s official budtender training center!

There, you’ll learn about what it really takes to be an amazing budtender and how to further your career in cannabis.

So, if you’re looking into Sacramento dispensary jobs, here are a few of the traits and skills you should be flexing to get the position you want.

1. Great customer service skills

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When you’re a budtender, you are helping people all day long. 

Some of those people are suffering from chronic pain and are looking for some serious relief.

Others are just trying to get a buzz and have a good time.

Whatever the reason is, customers of all walks of life will be coming to you for guidance about which products are best for them.

This requires patience, kindness, compassion, and empathy, as servicing customers takes a lot of mental energy.

Think you have what it takes so far? Awesome! Because the next trait is…

2. Interested in sales

CC101 - CC101 blog - sacramento dispensary jobs

It’s not a requirement that you have a sales background if you’re applying for most Sacramento dispensary jobs, but it would definitely help.

You want to be able to connect with customers in a way that’s authentic, helpful, and ultimately, to help them make a purchasing decision.

This doesn’t mean being pushy or putting pressure on the customer (in fact, we definitely DON’T want you to do that).

But it’s about having the confidence in the product, and in yourself, to be able to give the right kind of information to customers so that they feel comfortable buying the product from you.

3. Team player attitude

CC101 - CC101 blog - sacramento dispensary jobs

If you’re applying to Sacramento dispensary jobs, chances are, you’ll be working with a team. That means that along with customers, you’ll be interacting with your managers, their assistant managers, and sometimes even people on the corporate team.

If you’re not a team player, that might affect the mood in the store.

It’s a workplace, and we want you to do your best work, but we also want you to have a good time and get to know your coworkers!

Showing that you’re a team player and that you’re easy to work with is very important when it comes to being a budtender.

4. Positive mentality

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This point goes hand-in-hand with being a team player.

But in fact, this point is even bigger and broader. 

The mind is powerful, and when you’re able to overcome hardships by spreading positive energy, good vibes will come to you.

Having a positive mindset won’t just affect your coworkers and your customers, but it’ll affect your whole life.

We all know that maintaining positivity is easier said than done, especially if you’re going through things in your personal life that make it feel nearly impossible, but hear me out.

5. Being 21+

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Okay, so this one isn’t a skill. But it is an important one.

In an effort to keep children safe, and to comply with cannabis regulation, anyone that works any Sacramento dispensary jobs must be 21+.

We’re selling cannabis products to adults from adults, so children and teenagers are not welcome inside of the dispensary. Unless of course, you’re coming in with a valid medical recommendation.

And finally, last but certainly not least, the trait that will really set you apart if you’re applying to Sacramento dispensary jobs is…

6. Knowledge (and passion!) about cannabis

CC101 - CC101 blog - sacramento dispensary jobs

When you have knowledge about, and passion for, the product you’re promoting and selling, it makes a huge difference.

In fact, we might just be the only industry on the planet that encourages our employees to try cannabis, if that’s something that interests them.

We believe that you should always have your heart in what you do.

And if your heart is in cannabis, applying for budtender positions is a great way to get in on the ground floor of an industry with so much growth potential.

Interested in becoming a budtender at CC101? Feel free to apply now and we’ll reach out to you if we think you’d be a good fit for us.