4 Real Stories that Show that Marijuana Saves Lives

There are many inspiring stories that show the powerful healing properties of cannabis.

The following stories are some of the most amazing, and there are new stories like this popping up all the time.

Cannabis is making a difference for so many people.

1. 11-year-old Alexis Bortell

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At the forefront of the movement to legalize cannabis stands an 11-year-old girl who is originally from Texas. A year ago, the young girl joined a lawsuit against Jeff Sessions to remove cannabis as a Schedule I Drug.

Bortell suffered from re-occurring seizures due to a severe form of epilepsy since a very young age. She and her family tried everything under the sun, from medications to doctors, but nothing seemed to help. That is until the family decided to make the move from Texas to Colorado so that Alexis could treat her condition with medical cannabis. The change was significant, and she’s now had more than 900 days without a seizure. When it comes to Alexis Bortell’s seizures, it’s clear that marijuana saves lives.

“She wants to be like everybody else,” Alexis’s dad, Dean Bortell, shared. “When she grows up she wants to be free to choose where she lives and what she does for a living. She wants to be treated like an American citizen and not just a state citizen. She doesn’t want to have to fear going to jail every time she sees a police officer.”

2. Former NBA Los Angeles Lakers player, Lamar Odom

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Lamar Odom has had a complicated and tragic past when it comes to drug abuse. In 2014, Odom suffered a severe overdose and an “ischemic stroke”, which was caused by a cocaine-induced blood clot preventing blood flow to the brain that left him in a coma. Despite the odds, Odom eventually recovered.

In Odom’s case, marijuana saves lives from addiction and the consequences of drug abuse. “While going through rehab,” Odom revealed, “I discovered certain [cannabis] strains that support wellness.” Another time, Odom shared, “Marijuana has helped, especially with my stroke. With my coordination, my balance, and my overall physical attributes – all my doctors say I’m a walking miracle. I think marijuana attributed to that.”

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3. Overseas mission worker Mandy Wehe

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Mandy Wehe was literally on her death bed when she finally tried hemp oil. She was on round-the-clock care, 88 lbs, and was no longer responding to tube feeds or treatments. Her autonomic nervous system disorder was slowly killing her. When she used Real Scientific Hemp Oil for the first time, Wehe referred to the result as a miracle that completely changed her life.

Around the same time that they decided to order the CBD oil, Wehe had begun going into convulsions. However, after melting the oil and putting it into her feeding tube, the results were shocking.

“It helped within minutes and stopped the convulsions,” Wehe shared, “The next day I tried it under my tongue because at that point there was no loss in trying, I was already throwing up all the time anyway. That time and since, it’s helped in seconds. For six years, not one medication took my nausea away. The CBD oil took my nausea away immediately. It was crazy because within a matter of minutes, color came back to my face and my ears turned pink.”

Ever since then, she has made a slow but astounding recovery. “There are people who need CBD oil to live and it’s not known about or available – this can change and save people’s lives,” Wehe commented.

4. 15-year-old rescued Lab mix pup, Kali

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When we say that marijuana saves lives, we aren’t just talking about human lives.

Kali was lethargic, morose, and in pain when Wendy Mansfield made the incredibly hard decision to put down sweet Kali. The Lab mix often licked her paws, clearly in pain, which lead to her intense coughing fits from the amount of fur she was ingesting. However, the day before the appointment, Mansfield decided to give Kali a doggie-friendly cannabis cookie as a last resort decision. After eating the cookie, the licking stopped. Mansfield then carefully monitored Kali as she gave her a couple more cookies. Kali was able to get up to get a drink of water and go for a walk, something that she hadn’t been able to do in the past without being in pain.

Mansfield canceled the vet appointment immediately.

Cannabis has worked wonders for so many people. Do you have a story like this to share about why you think marijuana saves lives? We’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: We are not claiming that cannabis is the right drug for everyone. Please consult your doctor or medical professional before self-treating with cannabis products.