The New Flowers and Chocolates: 7 Last Minute Valentines Gifts for Your 420 Cutie

Light ‘em up! The candles, that is. It’s time to get romantic. The CC101 way.

Here are some of the best last minute Valentines gifts Sacramento has to offer for the cannabis lover in your life.

Get your ganja babe the flowers and chocolates that they’ll really love!

Cannabis-Infused Chocolates

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1. Milk Chocolate Bar from Kiva

Prepare your body and mind for a unique twist on the classic milk chocolate bar.

This cannabis-infused chocolate bar from Kiva is made with such pure ingredients that you can discern notes of brown butter with a silky, creamy finish.

This makes for one of the best last minute Valentines gifts because seriously, what’s a better Valentine’s gift than chocolate? Cannabis-infused chocolate!

2. Salted Caramel Chocolate from Delta 9

There’s really nothing better than luxurious milk chocolate blended with rich caramel with just a hint of sea salt.

The great thing about Delta 9 is that the taste of the chocolate itself is just as amazing as the high that it provides!

This delicious chocolate is one of the best last minute Valentines gifts for everyone who loves the combo of chocolate married with caramel. Which – let’s face it – is everyone.

3. White Chocolate Bar from Hi-Fi

If your sweetie likes it extra sweet, they will love this delectable white chocolate bar from Hi-Fi as one of their (secretly) last minute Valentines gifts.

This luxurious white chocolate bar is all creamy deliciousness with a potency to match.

It offers a gentle yet heavy high that massages your taste buds and mind.

4. Mint Irish Cream Milk Chocolate Bar the Kiva

This fusion of refreshingly minty flavors with rich and creamy milk chocolate is even more complex than you’d think.

The subtle notes of honey and Irish whiskey take this flavor profile to the next level.

Kiva designed this chocolate to be completely unique, just like your sweetheart!

Take your love’s cannabis experience – and chocolate experience – to the next level with this undeniably sweet cannabis-infused chocolate bar from Kiva.

Cannabis Flower

cc101 - last minute valentines gifts - cannabis flower - valentines

1. Extreme Cream – a sensual and slow indica

Definitely an evening strain, this divine flower from Flow Kana is meant to be consumed for intimate settings and connecting with your loved one on another level.

Extreme Cream was tenderly grown in beautiful Humboldt County by Moon Made Farms and is an indica cross of two already amazing strains, Extreme OG and Cookies and Cream.

This divine strain offers a cerebral euphoria with focused attention on what really matters.

Extreme Cream is one of the best last minute Valentines gifts to experience utmost relaxation and to just chill out with your love.

2. Lemon Squeeze – an invigorating and arousing sativa

This high energy strain from 350 Fire will keep you going all day, and night, long.

Lemon Squeeze is a great daytime option for an exciting Valentine’s Day adventure with your love.

This refreshing strain provides a boost of creativity, energy, and an uplifting mood.

Lemon Squeeze is one of the best last minute Valentines gifts for a memorable and active Valentine’s Day with your boo.

3. Mimosa – a romantic and pleasurable hybrid

This super balanced hybrid strain is one of the best last minute Valentines gifts because it can be perfect for almost any occasion.

Mimosa has a very enjoyable buzz that’s not overpowering, but still quite potent.

The pleasant notes of citrus fruits in the aroma and flavor give this strain a very light and uplifting experience, all while keeping you grounded and relaxed.

Your sweetie will probably love this strain so much that they won’t want to share!

We hope you have a Valentine’s Day that’s as lit as it is romantic.

These last minute Valentines gifts will show your better half how much you care about them, and that you know their cannabis style.

If the mood’s been set, the romance is in the air, and you’re ready to get sexy, don’t forget that there are strains for that too!

We may not always have these products in stock (seriously, they’re flying off the shelves!), so feel free to check in before you come in. Give us a call at 916-387-6233 or check out our online menu.

cc101 - last minute valentines gifts - flower - weed - valentines

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