Big. Things. Coming.

You guys, we are witnessing HISTORY in the making.

Why, you ask?

Your favorite dispensary, CC101, is LEVELING UP.

That’s right, folks. We are super stoked on the fact that we are gearing up for the biggest dispensary transition Sacramento has ever seen.

We’ve been a Kolas-affiliate store for some time now, but we are taking the leap and TRANSFORMING into an actual Kolas location, and we hope you’re as excited as we are for this Kolas transition!

Like a caterpillar in its cocoon, we are ramping up for the exciting transition into a beautiful Kolas butterfly. Who’s gonna be there when we emerge!?

We are slowly but surely remodeling our shop to get into tip-top shape as an official Kolas dispensary, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Part of this process for us means getting super involved with our community. We are loud, proud, and not going anywhere! Kolas is here to stay, and we are screaming it from the rooftops!

That’s why you’ll see us at various events throughout Sacramento this summer and beyond.


CC101 - CC101 blogs - kolas transition - Second Saturday

We’ve teamed up with THIS Midtown to bring you some of the most EPIC block parties this summer!

Every Second Saturday, come find our booth nestled among some of Sacramento’s most fun vendors. Enjoy the live DJs and get turnt in Lavender Heights at 20th and K St.!

We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but we may or may not have some fun freebies for you waiting at our booth… While supplies last! So get there early!


CC101 - CC101 blogs - kolas transition - Aftershock

Who’s ready to rock and roll up a fatty? We sure are!

This is Kolas’ second year sponsoring the incredible Aftershock Festival, and we think that this year is going to be EVEN BETTER than last year!

With headliners like Slipknot, Staind, Blink-182, Rob Zombie, Tool, and Korn, how could you go wrong?!

We have so much fun stuff planned for our booth and we can’t wait to reconnect with you all after having such a blast last year.

Check out pics of last year’s event and get pumped!


CC101 - CC101 blogs - kolas transition

We don’t want to give away our little secret, but we think you should start getting just a teeeeny little bit excited for what’s to come.

We have some super exciting things in the works that are killing me not to tell you about!

But you’ll find out soon enough…

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We are also proud to announce that we are a proud sponsor of the Sacramento Cannabis Industry Association (also known as SCIA). We have always been proud advocates of the cannabis industry, community, and culture. Being a part of SCIA is extremely important to us because we are all about uniting and empowering Sacramento’s cannabis industry.

SCIA is giving us a platform to be heard, to be represented, and to be protected. We can be a team of unified businesses and industry leaders with a unified voice. We can advocate for the collective interests of the cannabis industry. And we can collaborate to secure the longevity of the cannabis industry.

CC101 - CC101 blogs - kolas transition - SCIA - Sacramento Cannabis Industry Association

Right now, we’re collaborating with SCIA toward the Cannabis Cares Homeless Initiative. If you purchase any products in our shop that have the Cannabis Cares sticker on it, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Downtown Streets Team.

The Downtown Streets Team provides work experience programs for homeless people or people at risk of becoming homeless, which can act as stepping stones into employment, housing, and a better life. This is a cause we are very passionate about and we feel grateful and humbled to be a part of it.

Come by and visit CC101, look for the Cannabis Cares stickered products, and become a part of this movement today!

It’s time we end the stigma that used to surround cannabis and show the world that we are giving back and deserve a space in society free from stigma and ridicule. Help us to save the world with cannabis!

We are so excited to become an even closer member of the Kolas family, and we are so happy that we have all of you to share our journey with!

We’ve come such a long way and we couldn’t have done it without you. This calls for a celebration! Stop by our dispensary today to pick up your party supplies 😉