15 Unique Halloween Songs for Adults for An Epic Party Playlist

Thriller, Monster Mash, Ghostbusters … Been there, done that.

As a cannabis dispensary, we are always pushing the boundaries for how to celebrate life. 

And today, we’re mixing it up and sharing some music that will really spice up your Halloween party playlist!

These Halloween songs for adults are perfect for when the kids are all done trick-or-treating, and the real party can begin.

1. Ghosts n Stuff – deadmau5 ft. Rob Swire

In 2009, deadmau5 was pretty much considered the king of modern house music. And today, his music is so impactful that the song Ghosts N Stuff has become a staple to any good party, Halloween or not. 

2. Heads Will Roll – Yeah Yeah Yeahs 

Going as the queen of hearts this year? This is going to be your jam! The Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ popular song, Heads Will Roll, is an empowering and upbeat song for any queen.

3. Boris the Spider – The Who

Fans of dad rock and fans of psychedelic rock will unite for this classically creepy song from The Who. This one of the best Halloween songs for adults because of its party versatility. You can chit-chat while it plays as ambient music, you can dance while it thumps through the speakers, or you can brood darkly in the corner as it plays at the party.

4. Gods & Monsters – Lana Del Rey

Lana’s haunting voice is great for any holiday, but it especially shines for Halloween. When you sing along with Gods & Monsters, you’ll really get into the Halloween spirit. “In the land of gods and monsters, I was an angel living in the garden of evil…”

5. 16 Psyche – Chelsea Wolfe

This dark song will give you the creeps in all the right ways! The combination of the droning ominous guitar and Chelsea Wolfe’s stunning voice will have you adding this song to both your Halloween songs for adults playlist, and your femme fatale playlist.

6. Full Moon – The Black Ghosts

Where my indie rock fans at? This song from the Black Ghosts manages to pull off an upbeat, almost folksy, vibe while also infusing it with dark and shadowy undertones. A true delight to the senses.

7. Carousel – Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez makes us feel like it’s Halloween every day. And we love her for it. This particular track makes you feel like you’re immersed in a creepy circus. Melanie’s almost childlike voice sets a perfectly chilling tone. 

8. Kill Everybody – Skrillex

When deadmau5 is mentioned, Skrillex is never too far behind. This dubstep banger that features perfectly Halloween-style complex lyrics such as “I want to kill / I want to kill / I want to kill / I want to kill” and so on, can guarantee a full dance floor. 

9. Decode – Paramore

Who doesn’t love Paramore?! This band has nailed countless pop rock songs for a long time, but this song makes for a perfect Halloween atmosphere. 

10. Miss Murder – AFI

Speaking of pop rock, hey miss murder can I? Dance and sing along to the emo classic and reminisce how awesome (or not awesome) life was in 2006. 

11. 6 Underground – Sneakerpimps

If you’re looking for a song as seductive as it is creepy, you’ve found it. This popular 90s trip-hop jam will take your party down a notch in the sexiest of ways.

12. Tear You Apart – She Wants Revenge

And while we’re talking about sex, this song makes definitely makes it a little less subtle. When we say these are Halloween songs for ADULTS, this song is exhibit A.

13. Gimme – BANKS

Another dance floor favorite, BANKS has mastered the art of creating beautiful music that seamlessly combines R&B and electronic music. 

14. They’re Coming to Take Me Away – Napoleon XIV

And the creepiest song of all time goes to Napoleon XIV for their strangely catchy and catchily strange song They’re Coming to Take Me Away. Dressing up as Joker? Even better.

15. Sweet Dreams – Marilyn Manson

Did anyone see Marilyn Manson rock the Kolas stage at Aftershock in Sacramento this year? It was epic! But not as epic as your Halloween party playlist is going to be with this song on it.

Don’t forget … the perfect accessory to the perfect Halloween party playlist is the cannabis you smoke with it!

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Which of these songs are inspiring you to summon demons on Halloween night? Let us know in the comments section below!