7 Cannabis-Infused Treats: The Halloween Candy Alternatives for Adults

Leave the Reeces, Twix, and Snickers for the kids.

We have something even better for you.

We think it’s time that you take this Halloween to the next level by enjoying Halloween candy alternatives that are infused with a little bit of fun.

Cannabis-infused edibles are on the rise as a strong, discreet, and yummy way to enjoy cannabis.

That’s why we’ve put together some of our favorites so that you can stock up for this year’s spookfest!

But hurry fast, these go-to adult-version Halloween candy alternatives are flying off the shelves!

1. Sour Apple Gummies from District Edibles

It is fall after all, and apples are in season!

The great thing about these satisfyingly sweet Sour Apple gummy Halloween candy alternatives is that District Edibles gummies are all small batch, scratch-made with Organa Labs premium activated CO2 cannabis oil (oooh, fancy).

They also come in packaging that keeps them fresh so you can keep popping these babies into November.

They come in 10mg pieces, 100mg per package.

2. Blue Raspberry Rings from Flav

If “blue” isn’t your favorite candy flavor, you’re lying.

That’s why we love these blue raspberry rings as great Halloween candy alternatives.

Flav Blue Raspberry Rings combine the sweetness and tart flavors of blueberry and raspberry in a single, decadent cannabis experience.

These fruity morsels that are covered sinfully in sugar are infused with 10mg of THC per piece, making 100mg of THC in the whole bag (do the math – it comes with TEN gummies, people).

3. Espresso Crunch by Delta Edibles

We are grown-ups after all, so our Halloween candy alternatives tend to be a bit more…refined.

That’s why these espresso crunch bites give you the rich chocolate, caffeine boost, and cannabis experience that you’re looking for.

Energize your spirit with robust Arabica beans mixed in sensual dark chocolate…Is your mouth watering as much as mine is?

Each piece of espresso chocolate comes infused with 10mg of THC. What else could you possibly ask for?!

4. Pineapple Coconut Relief CBD Gummies from PLUS

We could all use some relief.

And that’s exactly why these tasty Halloween candy alternatives are all relief, and no psychoactive effects.

These edibles won’t get you high, but you can benefit from the abundant all-natural CBD in this delicious gummy candy.

When you need a break from chronic pain or stress this Halloween, these gummies can be your ticket to paradise. Not to mention, they’re low calorie, gluten free, and made with kosher ingredients. L’Chaim!

5. Sativa Blend Pastilles from Beboe

These little morsels of goodness from Beboe make for great Halloween candy alternatives.

They’re made from the finest organic ingredients and natural flavors.

And best of all, each pastille is infused with 5 mg of sativa-blend THC and 3mg of CBD with a natural accelerant for timely absorption.

And on top of everything, it comes in such a cute little package!

6. Chocolate Bar from HiFi

There’s seriously nothing better than chocolate.

Well, except for cannabis-infused chocolate, that is.

100mg cannabis-infused chocolate bars from HiFi come in so many delicious flavors like regular milk or dark chocolate, almond milk, coconut dark chocolate, dark chocolate mint, and raspberry dark chocolate.

These irresistible chocolates are amazing Halloween candy alternatives because they’re just as delicious as the chocolate you already love, just with a cannabis twist!

7. Sugar-Free CBD Chocolate from Delta 9

Your dentist will thank you in the morning!

These sugar-free CBD chocolates are a rich and silky chocolately experience to treat and tempt your taste buds.

Each bar has pre-portioned sections of CBD, and the total bar contains 90mg of CBD.

These Halloween candy alternatives would be ideal for any diabetics or for people who are trying to cut down on their sugar intake in general.

We hope you have the best spooky October yet with these delicious Halloween candy alternatives!

Feel free to find any of these yummy treats at our cannabis dispensary, CC101.

And while you’re munching on these, you may also want to check out the best scary movies to watch while high!

Want to learn more about edibles? You’re more than welcome to come in and chat with one of our knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly budtenders for any questions or recommendations.


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