Next Morning Cannabis: 6 of the Best Strains for Hangover Struggles in Sacramento

We’ve all been there.

The morning after an especially festive night out and you’re glued to your bed nursing a giant water bottle and a Pedialyte. It’s almost noon and you’re planning on laying there all day long. That is – until you get a text from one of your friends that you partied with last night asking about brunch.

Ah yes. The brunch that you agreed to last night just before you ordered the next round of tequila shots.

All of your friends from the night before will gather around a nice brunch restaurant table eating their avocado toast and recalling the misadventures from last night while you try your best to be discreet when you have to excuse yourself to dry heave in the nice brunch restaurant bathroom.

It’s not a good look.

Luckily, Sacramento has some of the best strains for hangover pains so that you can enjoy your avocado toast just like everyone else.

6. Clementine

CC101 - best strains for hangover - clemetine


This powerful sativa strain can be the motivation that you need to get in the shower, brush your teeth, and show your face at brunch.

Clementine provides an awesome and uplifting buzz as well as helping to keep any pain, headaches, and fatigue at bay.

This is one of the best strains for hangover pains because of its ability to provide relief from physical ailments AND motivation to get moving and start the day.

5. Blue Widow

CC101 - best strains for hangover - Blue Widow


If your hangover is so bad that you’re skipping brunch altogether, Blue Widow might be the way to go.

Slightly indica-leaning, this strain provides a strong cerebral high and a gentle, blissful body high that can lull you right back to sleep.

However, it’s not all sleepy and hazy.

Blue Widow is a crowd-pleasing favorite because it carries both calming indica effects and uplifting sativa effects.

And because of that, it’s definitely one of the best strains for hangover struggles of any kind.

4. Super Lemon Haze

cc101 - best strains for hangover - Super Lemon Haze


This sativa-dominant hybrid strain is one of the best strains for hangover pains and for actually potentially being productive the next morning.

The effects are uniquely lively and energetic, getting you out of the bed, and out to brunch.

It can also help with any pesky fatigue, pain, and nausea that you may be fighting off with a nasty hangover.

It can even help with getting your appetite back on track so that you can actually consume some nutrients that will help you to feel less like a shell of yourself.

3. Mimosa

cc101 - best strains for hangover - mimosa


The strain gives the saying ‘hair of the dog’ a new meaning.

While it’s not a real drink, Mimosa is kind of freakin’ perfect to smoke before a brunch, if not only for the name, right?!

But on a real note – this strain actually has powerful effects that easily make it one of the best strains for hangover struggles.

In particular, Mimosa is a common choice for anyone wanting to fight the pain, fatigue, and headaches that hangovers are known to be unmerciful about.

This sativa-leaning hybrid strain is also a great strain for any daytime smoke, especially if you plan on socializing with annoyingly chipper friends who had only a few fewer drinks than you did last night.

2. Grape Ape

cc101 - best strains for hangover - grape ape


Kick your body aches and nausea to the curb with the powerful Grape Ape.

This is one of the best strains for hangover pain and nausea relief because of its heavily soothing effects.

This indica-dominant strain is great for relaxing and enjoying a very chilled out and mellow day.

It can also be a good help for any stress or anxiety caused by any, uh, questionable decisions that you made last night.

1. Guava Gelato

cc101 - best strains for hangover - guava gelato


Guava Gelato is the ultimate for helping with headaches, fatigue, pain, nausea, and even the dreaded eye pressure that a lovely hangover can bestow onto even the most seasoned of partiers.

This makes the indica-leaning hybrid Guava Gelato one of the best strains for hangover issues because of its multi-faceted helpful effects that relax the body and uplift the cerebral space into a pleasant experience that has the power to help alleviate even the worst of hangovers.

Cannabis makes hangovers so much more bearable. And the right strain can be the difference between suffering alone in bed Netflixing yourself into a stupor, and actually enjoying whatever is left of the day that you didn’t sleep through.

Looking for the right strain to help with your nasty hangover? Visit our dispensary at CC101 and tell a budtender where it hurts.