5 Easy Steps To Rolling A Beautiful Joint

Rolling a joint is a lot like riding a bike. Once you learn it, you’ll want to show off to all of your friends up and down the neighborhood.

It’s one of the most popular methods of enjoying cannabis — and probably the coolest. There’s nothing quite like rolling up a J and smoking your fine work or sharing it with friends.

Nowadays, with the popularity of vapes and other methods, new people are missing out on the art. We’ve all been there. You and your friends have got the weed, the papers, and everything is ready. But who knows how to roll?

There shouldn’t be any excuse for not being the hero. Just ask Martha Stewart.

Get your papers and weed ready. Today, you are going to learn how to roll a beautiful joint.

1. Prepare your materials and workspace

Before starting anything, you want to have all of the necessary materials in place.

This means:

  • Rolling papers
  • A crutch or supplies to make one
  • Weed (with a grinder works best)
  • Lighter
  • A thin rod-like tool for packing the end of your joint (pens work fine)

Make sure that you are comfortable, and have a nice (read: clean) flat surface to work on. For your first time, you want to treat this as a legit school science project. As you improve your skills, you’ll be able to do this on the fly, without a flat surface.

Later on, you may even be able to roll joints with your mind, Jedi-style. Okay, not really, but maybe Skywalker OG can make you feel the force.

rolling joint - CC101 - CC101 blogs
rolling joint - CC101 - CC101 blogs

2. Place your crutch and bud onto the rolling paper

The first step to creating a joint is placing your crutch and weed within the paper itself.

A crutch can be any paper-like material rolled up and placed at the end of the joint to prevent the weed from leaving the joint. Many people tear off parts of the rolling paper packaging itself and use that. You can also ask our budtenders for crutches, we sell them in-store.

Start by placing your crutch at one end of the paper. Next, distribute your weed (make sure its ground) evenly across the rest of the paper. Try to avoid making any bulky spots — the more even the weed, the tighter your roll will be.

3. Roll your paper

After arranging your bud and crutch, it’s time to start rolling. This step actually requires attention to detail: gently roll the paper between your thumbs and fingers, this should shape your bud into a nice, packed line. Repeat the rolling all the way down the paper to get it nice and even.

Do not rush this step — roll it back and forth as many times as needed to get your weed tight and lined up. This is important for the rest of the process.

rolling joint - CC101 - CC101 blogs
rolling joint - CC101 - CC101 blogs

4. Tuck, Lick, and Stick

Are you ready to make love? This step is important for getting the final shape of your joint, making sure everything is packed and the paper is tight.

Start by tucking — keeping one thumb on your crutch-end and the other fingers for slowly and tightly rolling the paper into a cone shape. Your thumbs are the leaders here. They are in charge of getting that edge tucked in nice and tight, just don’t tear the paper.

Try to make sure there is no slack and no large gaps. Just keep feeding the paper nice and steady. Until you have only a short amount of paper showing with the adhesive edge.

When you have one side of the paper tightly rolled and tucked into the other, it’s time to lick the opposing side to ensure that the paper sticks together.

Gentle licks here. This isn’t your loved one. Don’t get the paper too wet, or your joint will fall apart!  

5. Tighten the crutch and pack the tip

The final steps here are just tying the loose ends, literally. Make sure your crutch is all the way in the joint (push it in if not) and also make sure the tip of the joint is packed tight.

Some people like to load a little extra bud at the very end for a fat tip — which adds to the cone aesthetic.

If you have paper hanging out at the end, consider tying or twisting it.

…and that’s it! You have now rolled a beautiful joint.

And if you haven’t, well don’t worry. You’ll get better. “Nothing worth having, comes easy.”

Now light it up and pass it on to your friends. After all, that’s one of the great things about joints — you get to share the experience with others!

rolling joint - CC101 - CC101 blogs

Pro tips:

  • Grind your weed well
  • Remove any stems (these punch holes in the paper)
  • Pack tight
  • Roll tight, but not so tight that it rips the paper
  • Do not be afraid to remove the wrecked paper and try again
  • Roll for yourself before you try to impress friends with your skill
  • If your roll is just a little loose hold at the crutch and twist from the weed end in the direction of the seal it will help tighten things up without undoing your hard work

Do you have an experience or tip about rolling joints to share? Let us know in the comments!