Looking for a partner to light up your life?

Ever see a cutie and think ‘Weed be good together’?

Not to be blunt, but are you trying to hit that?

If so, you may want to be on the look-out for a cannabis babe to share your bowl with.

These are our five tips on how to meet your special cannabis-loving single in your area.

Like the Expendables said, “I packed this bowl for two, and I’m gonna wanna smoke it with you…

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      1. Online

The internet has provided us with a platform to connect with people from all over the world at light speed.

It’s also a perfect opportunity to meet people in your area.

Dating sites make it easy to specify your immediate likes and dislikes so you’re able to weed out, if you will, the sort of people you’re not interested in dating.

Putting “420-friendly” in your Tinder bio, or joining a cannabis-specific dating site like My 420 Mate is a great way to meet singles with similar interests to you.

      2. Work in a dispensary

Is your lack of employment keeping you from getting potential mates to take you seriously?

Kill two birds with one stone and apply for a job in a cannabis dispensary or collective.

While working in a dispensary, you’ll meet coworkers and customers of all walks of life who come together under their common love for cannabis. All while making a steady income!

But always remember to keep it professional and don’t make any single coworkers or customers uncomfortable with unwanted advances.

Click here to apply to CC101!

single - CC101 - CC101 blogs
single - CC101 - CC101 blogs

      3. Throw a 420 Party

Throwing a 420-themed party will give you some insights on which of your friends are down with the greens.

This is a perfect opportunity to invite your friends and their friends to your home and get to know 420-friendly single people in an intimate and comfortable setting.

      4. Go to community events

Searching online or in local publications for local events is a great way to meet single people with similar interests.

For example, High Times is holding a convention May 4-5th in Sacramento called the High Times Cannabis Cup Central Valley 2018.

This is a great excuse for you to invite that cutie you’ve been crushing on to join you at the event.

Enjoy live music, high-touch exhibitor village, live podcast recordings, culinary experiences, and more for a date they’ll never forget!

Keep your eye out for our CC101 booth at the event!

single - CC101 - CC101 blogs
single - CC101 - CC101 blogs

      5. Ask someone on a date to CC101

You’re too unique to ask someone on a dinner date, and what better way to show your date what you’re all about than to invite them to the best dispensary in town!

With our extensive selection of flower, extract, edibles, topicals, gear, and pre-rolls, you’ll find out what kind of consumer your date is.

If they go for the pre-rolls, maybe take them out to a park picnic for your second date.

If they go for the edibles, maybe they’re down for some Netflix and chill.

You can even flex a little buy offering to buy them the product they’re eyeing.

It may even be cheaper than a dinner date!

Sacramento is quickly becoming a hub for cannabis culture, so you’re in the perfect place to pick up 420-friendly dates all over the city. Just remember that above all, it’s not about how much cannabis you smoke, or how much cannabis you give your date. It’s all about your shining personality and the way you carry yourself. When you exude positivity and confidence, you’ll attract the same kind of people.

Everyone deserves love, and that includes you!

Would you invite a date to our dispensary? Why, or why not? Let us know in the comment section below.